Our Visit to the Sculpture House in Evergreen, Colorado

Last week we had a chance to tour the Sculpture House in Evergreen, Colorado. It is also known as the Spaceship House or the Sleeper House because it was featured in the old Woody Allen movie “Sleeper”. It sits high on the south ridge along I-70 as you drive west into the mountains from Denver. Our friends Ed & Sally invited us, they had won a cocktail party at the house during a fund raising event to benefit Children’s Diabetes Research Foundation.

The Sculpture house was built in 1963 and has an interesting history. The house, which sits on Genesee Mountain, was built by Clifford Delzell under the guidance of architect Charles Deaton. However, the interior of the home was not finished for another 30 years. It wasn’t until 2003, after Charles Deaton had passed away, that the home was purchased by John Huggins. Huggins commissioned Charles Deaton’s daughter, Charlee, to design the interior and also added an addition making the home what it is today.

Bill jumped out of the car as we arrived and began to shoot photos in the last minutes of the beautiful evening sun. The curved walls and “zoomy” architecture was perfect for using a fisheye lens. We were thrilled to be able to visit the house we had been looking at from the highway for all these years.

As you can see, we enjoy taking advantage of photography opportunities when we visit new places, especially ones as unique as this. If you are interested in our work, you can learn more about Sherri Barber Photography on our website or browse our wedding photography gallery to see more samples of photographs we’ve taken in the Denver, Colorado area.

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